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Calendar Sharing, How to write a meeting schedule on others Calendar
I just wanted to check on this calendar post.

Here is the problem we are facing: In a user's personal calendar, it is seemingly impossible for an administrator to give that person enough access permissions to edit a workgroup calendar.  Why is this?  We are hoping to be able to have this option be available.  Right now, even for moderators and admins, there is a comment that pops up that states "Cannot Drag'n'Drop This Event." and we would like to be able to give employees permission to "Drag'n'Drop" the events from their personal calendars in Bitrix so they do not have to leave their personal calendar, click on the workgroup, click on the calendar in that workgroup, move the event, and then go back to their personal calendar to view/add events on their personal calendar.

Shouldn't there just be a master calendar that the user can be given permissions to edit every event?  It appears that even moderators or admins can't be given these powers either.  Please advise.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Just wanted to quickly check on the Apple Calendar sync question that was originally asked in 2012.  Has there been any further development on the front of synchronization of existing iCloud (Apple) calendars to Bitrix24 and two-way integration of them?

Our company has about 20 calendars with years of entries that we would like to migrate over to Bitrix.  This would take MANY man hours to manually enter everything.

Just wanted to check on this.
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