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Tasks templates
Well done Bitrix24! Just confirmed that Task Templates with subtasks and checklists works now.

Thanks for listening!
Tasks templates
[QUOTE]Nguyễn Hoàng Vũwrote:
I want to share a solution for the task template. Now you can create a task with prefix "[Template]", set it to  deffered  and create a filter with the condition "name contains [Template]". So you can create any subtask, checklist...or anything else as you want. Other fillters will have a condition "name not contains [Template]" to ignore the template tasks.

When you want to create a task with those template, you can use the copy function but now there are some bugs here  [URL=][/URL] [/QUOTE]

Just for other users benefit, this workaround does not work as of 20/03/15. I'm not sure if the OP tested this workaround but copying a task does not duplicate it's subtasks. Which is really rubbish. We adopted Bitrix24 mainly for task management and it doesn't do any of the following key features:

1) reordering of subtasks
2) settings task to start at the end of another task, or at the same time as another task starts
3) Template tasks with subtasks
4) Copying a task which features subtasks. This only copies the parent task.
5) import tasks from CSV - if it supported this I might even be willing to use a CSV as my task template to import a list of subtasks

I might as well be using excel, unfortunately. This software does little more than filter a nested list at present.

I must say if I had invested any money in this software I would be very disappointed at the moment.

Is this a public beta that we're not being told about?
Tasks templates
[QUOTE]Andy Morriswrote:
isn't a task template with out subtasks basically useless?[/QUOTE]

Just a polite note - it's been more than 2 years since this was pointed out, it really is mostly pointless having a template task which doesn't support such a powerful feature as subtasks. We are a project based company and this is precisely the functionality that we need.

We will work around for now - that's life - and we are not currently paying customers; but +1 for the subtasks in task templates.
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