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Email and remembering contacts

Is it possible for the Bitrix CRM to remember a client if they have emailed previously, I know having read the Bitrix blog that it is possible to create a lead from an unknown email so
I am testing it today but will said lead be remembered if they send another email?

EDIT - Having tested the lead no lead has been created, please have a look at my picture that i have attatched, is there anything I can change in the email integration menu?
Edited: Danny Bolger - 03/14/2016 15:12:41
Converting leads to both contact and deals

I am having trouble converting leads to both contacts and deals  because the custom fields that I added won't carry over to the deal for some reason, also when I convert over to a single deal  it will copy some custom fields over to the deal from the lead but not all of them

Here is example of what I'm talking about -

 All of the fields in the caravan cover list are custom and were filled in on the lead but did not carry over
Edited: Danny Bolger - 02/25/2016 14:12:34
Yandex mail
I have set up my webmail on Yandex and it sends and receives emails, however I cannot retrieve my emails from the current server which is not on Yandex. I can import and view the emails from the settings by entering the details however I wish to move the emails to the Yandex server and I cannot reach it from either the webmail page on my browser nor from Mozilla Thunderbird.
Custom fields in DocDesigner
I have fixed the table problem in DocDesigner, but now I cannot add non text/string custom fields so for example if I added a List field for Caravan types it won;t show in the document editor though I have discovered custom parameters in the DocDesigner so I will try these
Invoices in DocDesigner

I have managed to get the tax to show in DocDesigner but now the data repeats in Word and Adobe Reader despite not repeating in the editor, see the image below -

The table I designed in DocDesigner. Can anyone help? (Sorry the forum won't allow me to paste the image for some reason)
Edited: Danny Bolger - 12/14/2015 16:51:01
Invoices and settings

I'm writing to ask where the invoice PDF settings have gone since the recent update as they are no longer in the settings area. I wish to add
the company logo and terms and conditions to the PDF instead of the normal blank PDF. Is it  not available?

Also the PDF does not display the tax (in this case UK VAT at 20%) despite the CRM both displaying and calculating tax?

Edit : I have found the form and filled it in with above information but still won't display in a current invoice PDF , I may try a generating a new invoice to see if the logo does show
Edit 2: After some tinkering I have fixed the logo problem but the PDF still does not show the tax amount despite the CRM calculating it especially as tax is shown on the Quote PDF but not after being converted to invoice

Thank you
Edited: Danny Bolger - 12/10/2015 17:07:50
ID Numbers
Hello again

Having deleted the old contacts I wish to import them with new ID numbers, I had imported the database ID numbers  from the Access database we currently use by usng custom field however  also noticed that Bitrix uses its own auto number system. Is it possible to import the ID number as part of Bitrix' ID system or have the custom field I used as an autonumber field ?
Removing contacts

I wish to know if there is any way of deleting contacts in one go as I have about 5000 and I have made the list about 200 which is better than the default 10 but it is taking far too long.
CRM: adding custom fields
Sorry if I'm a little late with this request but is it possible to set the ID field to a set number to begin from as we are going to import contacts from our old Access database to Bitrix
and we had an Auto Number field for the ID. I noticed that some other people have the same problem as me from this forum, have you looked at implemented the solution you mentioned back in 2014?
Postcode software integration

I can search for existing client postcodes in the existing CRM database however for new clients we use the Postcode Software tool which uses the Royal Mail postcode database.

Is it possible to integrate the software into Bitrix or would need to copy and paste from the software?


Matthew Caddis
Commercial catalog version
Is it possible to upload the commercial catalog version of Bitrix to Cloud? We are having trouble with prices in the product field on your hosted version because we have to update it manually.
Importing products via CSV
Is there any way to import products to the CRM via CSV as I wish to move a large number from my Access database as exported to Excel and save them as CSVs.
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