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How to Set Bitrix24 as the default windows dialer
Is there an easy way / what is the recommended way to get windows to open bitrix24 as the default desktop dialer when tel: and callto:// links are clicked in any program. Windows 10 seems to be very awkward and only allow selection from selected programs. Is there registry settings that can be added to make bitrix24 be included in the list? failing that is there anything telephone numbers can be pre-pended with to cause the bitrix24 desktop dialer to open up?
Generic UK Phone Number using Bitrix rented numbers
We're asking about getting a generic 08 something number mapped rather than a local or mobile prefix
Generic UK Phone Number using Bitrix rented numbers
Is there any option to have a generic UK phone number without going the SIP route? Doesn't seem to be an option but thought I would ask in case it could be arranged
Xero Status Mappings
If starting completely blank canvas Bitrix side what would be most ideal mappings?

Draft = Draft
Submitted = Sent to customer
Authorised = Confirmed
Paid = Completed
Deleted = ?
Void = ?
? = Refused

Should Refused be mapped to Void or Deleted or would it be best to create another custom entry for them?

Could Completed be renamed Paid or could that mess up Britrix?

It could be helpful to release a best practice guide, especially with mappings not being changeable after creation.
Bitrix24.Drive unreliable since update
Update which may help other users. We've tracked the problem down to folder names with trailing spaces. Really not sure how they are getting there but if you manage to get a folder up in the cloud with a trailing space, then want to connect it to your drive to sync it back down to your desktop - it won't work
Bitrix24.Drive unreliable since update
side point, but more than 100%?
Bitrix24.Drive unreliable since update
Anyone else had a drive reliability problem since recent update? Empty folder appears, then on a manual sync the client software shows the transfers in progress taking the time you would expect, but the files do not show. Theres been 1 or 2 posts relating to drive problems, but not sure they are exactly the same problem as this.
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