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Search Files results cannot be accessed due to wrong reference (url) - Access denied

I am trying to use the search function to access files located in the repository of "Workgroup A" (example).

The search function results looks ok (see bellow).
find people, documents, and more - keywords: "procedure of workgroup A"
Found: 14 results
Where: section — all

When I try to access any of the search results I get the "Access denied." error.
For example, if I try to access the first result (URL -[COLOR=#ff0000]group/0[/COLOR]/files/element/view/780/ ) I get "[COLOR=#ff0000]Access denied[/COLOR]." error.
If I try to access directly the file, from WORKGROUPS > Workgroup A > Files > "filename" (URL -[COLOR=#0000ff]group/9[/COLOR]/files/element/view/780/ ) [COLOR=#0000ff]it works fine[/COLOR].

I encounter the problem only for the files uploaded using Network Drive function. The files uploaded manually (WORKGROUPS > Workgroup A > Files > Upload) are ok and can be easily accessed using the search function (click on search results).

It seems to me that the files uploaded in the repository of a Workgroup, using Network Drive function (mass upload), are not indexed correctly (URL is wrong) by the Bitrix24 search engine/database.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me in working this problem.

Edited: Claudiu Dumitrescu - 06/03/2013 17:50:10
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