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Customising invoice templates, Trying to customise invoice templates and struggling
Hello, Yana,

Do you have an ETA on quote and invoice customization?

This is extremely important for our company. We require finer control over the design and looks, but also on what information is displayed and in what order. Quotes and invoices vary fr om country to country. The information needed for a professional-looking and useful document depends on regional factors and should be left for the users to decide. Also the ability to apply borders or backgrounds for text fields such as comments, since that can make a dense document easier  to read.

Currently we can't use your quotes and invoices, since they are deemed unprofessional for our needs. That cuts us out of an otherwise great CRM pipeline, and forces us to use a different service for these documents, with all the duplication of effort that implies. Docdesigner is not a solution. We need something that is totally integrated.

Not only are we not considering upgrading our plan because of this, but it is the second push this year in the company to move away from bitrix to a service wh ere we can have all our basic needs in one place. I am sure I am not the only user in this position, since I can find posts asking about this as far back to 2014. I hope you can provide a solution soon, as it is one of those small but important features that give some edge to your competition.

Even if you couldn't allow for total customization, allowing for document templates to exist in the marketplace (that are natively integrated to the CRM, not like docdesinger) would be a great step forward. Your more tech-savvy users could contribute with the designs that work for them, and the rest of the users could have a choice in how their documents look and what information they display.

Please put this into serious consideration. Thank you.
Edited: Diego Mora - 11/16/2016 10:00:39
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