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Wiki on Bitrix24 Mobile Application?
I ever use Dokuwiki, then right now I use commercial version of Confluence, I'm interested using Bitrix24, because there is mobile app version (Android), so I try use the Free version and then install the app on Android, but why I can not see the wiki page? It would be great if the mobile version have capability too see wiki page or at least there is web link to wiki page, because we need to read technical documentation in fast when we're on mobile, instead we open first the browser, login, choose workgroup, click wiki.. too many steps.. :(
What I like from Bitrix24 is combine between wiki (documentation) and team collaboration.
FYI, I have IT support business, we're usually mobile going from 1 client to other client (not stay in office), that's why this mobile app will really help our job to see technical documentation, see calendar, assign task or job, etc
Thank you

Best regards,
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