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Feature request: email templates
I see that email templates have been created.  However, when I added fields such as #CONTACT.NAME#, etc. they don't pull that info from the contact I'm sending the email to.

Also, once this is fixed, how can I add custom fields to email templates.  This is a MUST HAVE feature.
Business process for emailing contact
I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to create a business process that will send an email to a contact when a particular contact field is changed, say from active to pending.

Also, I would like to send an email in the future once a contact is created. For example, lets say contacts I create have a service beginning date and service end date. I would like to set it up so an email automatically goes out 2 weeks prior to my contacts' service end date. And if they haven't renewed yet, one more at 1 week and a final one at 2 days. It's a renewal email and I would think this would be useful for any service-based company.
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