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Email Templates, Fields don't get populated

When I send a message to a group from Contacts, the greeting field don't get filled in with their first names. In my template I have ins erted the appropriate field in the body of the message. But when it is delivered to the intended recipient it still shows #CONTACT.NAME#. I found a old post with similar question but there was no answer given.

[URL=][/URL] go to Post #3

Please see attached images.

Process I take to send to a group is as follows:
[*]select the recipients
[*]from 'Action' drop down (on the bottom of page) select 'Send message'
[*]on the Send message pop-up select the template
[*]and Send
[/LIST]Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your time.

Edited: Bhatiya Jayasuriya - 04/01/2015 21:18:43
Emailing from My Activities
Hello Yana,

Thank you for your answer. It would be a nice feature to have template capabilities in Activities. Where can I submit this as a suggestion for future updates? I know from a coding stand point it would be an easy fix.


Emailing from My Activities

I looked though the answers but couldn't find an answer to this problem I'm having.

I have several emails scheduled in My Activities. When I sel ect them and try to send a group or individual email, "To" field don't get populated with the contacts emails. Also there is no option to select the template. Has anyone else come across this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?  I don't have this problem when sending to a group/individual fr om 'Contacts' tab.

Thank you in advance for your input/suggestions.

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