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Bitrix24 calendar sync with main email and mobile devices

There is a Calendar insidhe Bitrix24.
Our need it to have a full sync of the Bitrix24 calendar with the company email. (Syncronition on both sizes: when event is created in Bitrix24 Calendar it will be synchronized with email calendar, and when inside the email calendar event is created it will be synchronized with Bitrix24 calendar).

Can you please explain the steps to realize it?

We are using GoDaddy email hosting. And also will have soon email hosting.

Thank you
GoDaddy IMAP - Authentication error: The server returned an unknown response., Unable to connect to GoDaddy IMAP server
Same problem with GoDaddy IMAP.
Bitrix24 Drive - restriction of online (cloud) document editing

Please suggest how can we restrict to our users online (cloud) document editing?

The system providing two options of document editing: 1. Locally (with the request of desktop app installation) 2. Cloud-based ( using Google Docs or MS Office Web App)
We need to restrict our users from choosing the option of "Cloud" document editing.

Thank you
Blackberry Mobile App
Bitrix 24 mobile app can be installed on Blackberry 10.
Blackberry 10 supporting installation of android apps.
More details: [URL=]Run Android Apps on Blackberry 10[/URL]
My question to Bitrix 24 support.

Bitrix 24 mobile app is signed by Yury Tushinsky (some personal name and not company details ...). Is it normal?

Another thing is that applicaton asking access to Camera, Location, Contacts, Shared Files, Device Identifying Information, Phone and Microphone.
Where I would like not give the permission to access my: Camera, Location, Contacts, Phone and Microphone.
But those options to change any security permissions are disabled in Bitrix 24 mobile application.
Those security settings [B][U]can not[/U] be change[/B] not during the installation and [B]not later inside the security setup[/B].
By default Bitrix24 mobile app providing only one security option with no other choices:[B][COLOR=#ff0000] it forcing to provide FULL access to any internal phone information and Full device control. [/COLOR][/B]
[B]How this can be changed?[/B]

(I want to disable Bitrix24 mobile app accessing my Camera, Contacts, Phone and Microphone, Location of device
Example: this can be easily disabled on the Facebook app).

The qustions related to Bitrix24 mobile app version

Thank you
And another queston:

How can we restric all users from syncronizing Drive with local computer:

We need to allow this option only to specific users.

Thank you
Thank you for your answers.

[QUOTE]Yana Prokopetswrote:
Drive can be synchronized to your local computer.

How can the path to the local synchronization folder be changed?

Presently, all the drives were syncronized to : /user/My Documents/Bitrix24/
And this under the main OS hard disk.
We need it to be syncronized on another place.
Example: X:/Intranet Drive/Bitrix24/
How can it be done?
Logs of bitrix24 entrance, Logs of users in and out

How can I see the logs of users login and logout of the Bitrix24 intranet website?
Blackberry Mobile App
[QUOTE]Greg Taylorwrote:
Due to our financial service company security requirements, we have multiple Blackberry users. Can we request a Blackberry Mobile App be added to the mobile application options. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Hello Greg,

Did you solved your issue with Blackberry Mobile App? I know Blackberry 10 supports andoroid apss.
If - yes, can you please share your expirience.
As we have same problem in our company.


Questions about backup:

1. How can I back up the full drive catalog?
Is their any option as it exist in Google drive?

2. Is their any option of the full data base back up?

3. How can I back up separatly the contact lists?

Thank you
Does the app work on Ubuntu as well?
Any news for linux version of Bitrix Desktop?

Tried with wine: receiving error
Anny steps for correct installation of Bitrix Desktop with wine under Ubuntu or Linux Mint?
Registration and invitation restrictions
Is there any restrictions for invitations sending?
I need to allow this option only to 1 or 2 specific users. Any other user should be restricted from inviting anyone to the intranet.
Any restrictions during the login?
I have noticed that on the login page their is a possibility to login with the social network account.
How to I restrict this option?
What will happen if someone from outside the company will try to register to our intranet?
Will he be able to enter the main page of intranet?
Add custom fields for employees
Any other options beside the custom field?

How can personal employees files be created?
We need:
- To add additional information that will be with specific access restrictions. Example: Part of employee information will be seen by everyone (name, photo, general info ect) and part of information only by IT and HR department (example attached resume, personal HR notes for each employee ect..) - how can we realize this?
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