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Cannot call +[area code][phone #] because this route is unavailable., can't click and dial local numbers from my contact list in bitrix24 :(
I get the error "Cannot call +[area code][phone #] because this route is unavailable." when I click on a local number in my Bitrix24 CRM (it shows the actual phone # in the error; masked in this description). If I dial the same number with an added "1" as the prefix (long-distance), manually from the bitrix24 dial pad, the phone call goes through.

How do I get bitrix24 to dial a local number without treating it like a long-distance call and adding "1" on the front of every phone number I have in my contact list (not a valid option for me and all employees).

I like the full-featured capabilities of bitrix24! Really hopeful that you have a configuration option or something to make local phone calls possible :)

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