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Report "less than or equal to" filter not working., Setting the filter to "less than or equal to" and then selecting a date removes all results from the report.
I have a custom report to show all sales forecast for the month, basically all users who have created a deal show up on the report.
I have a field for 'assumed close date'
Several deals are well into the future, so in my custom report i have added a filter for 'assumed close date' and set this to "is less than or equal to" and left the date field blank.
When running the report with the blank date field, all deals are shown.
When running the report with any date int he field the report is blank - no results at all.

Changing this filter to "is less than" works fine.

Obviously a issue with the filter rule of "is less than or equal to".
Custom reports not "seen" by other users
This is a highly desirable feature.
Custom reports that I create need to be shared with other users.

Scenario - In a sales team, as managed I want to create reports for the teams with various information.
Having to re-create the report for each user is time consuming and adds complexities managing and changes that may happen in the future.

Please advise when this feature will be added.
Emailed forwarded to CRM cropping some content, Emasil sent to CRM email address crop some content form the body when inserting into lead/company record
HI team,

I have tested the forward email function of the CRM system and it has a few issues.
The email is getting tracked against the appropriate company, or lead, but it is cropping/removing some of the content when doing so.

on 3 occasions, i have sent an email from outlook with crm account BCC, this email gets tracked perfectly.
I get a reply from the customer, and forward to the crm account, and the system is cutting out the reply from the customer.
It loads the from, to, title, etc but the reply text from the client is missing.
This defeats the purpose of it - can someone please help.

CRM - Contract Management, adding custom fields to manage contracts and reporting on them
Hi Yana / Forum members

Is there any feedback on this one?
Would be a really great feature to add to future releases - contract Management (dates,values, competitors, products used etc).
This is a necessity of a CRM system - not just contcat management, but they have with your compnay and when renewals are due.

CRM - Contract Management, adding custom fields to manage contracts and reporting on them
I would like to add information on my current prospects and possibly leads, specifically who they are currently contracted with.
I have created custom fields for 'current provider' and 'contract end date'

I can enter the information and it works well.
I need to be able to report on this.

I want ot be able to run a report that will display the prospects who are due to come out of contract in the next 6 months so that i can have the sales team re-engage with them.

Is this possible?
Do you have any add in modules, or partners who have developed a contract management piece for the CRM functionality?


(Self hosted version)
Invoices not showing totals
Is there a fix for this issue
Running self hosted version, i have the same problem
Totals do not show at bottom, so when looking at 'all deals' deals in selection list i do not see values
When i click into a deal, i see the value in the summary section, but not at bottom.

Adding contacts to Deals, Need to add multiple contacts to deal
I will add my vote as well.
Very important from a sales standpoint to be able to track all relevant people assocaited to a deal.
Please add to development cycle.

Assigning task to a company or contact
HI Yana

I would like to have the ability to add a task under a company, but at the same time assign the task to a bound contact within that company.
This is particularly useful if you have multiple contacts within a company, and have different tasks or business dealings with the different contacts.

Then I can review a company's history and the relevant tasks associated to that company all from the company history section - seeing the different contacts we have made within that company.  This is particularly benefical from a managers perspective checking on who my staff are contacting within each of our clients.

I want to look from a company perspective to see all activity, not have to drill into each company contact to see what has been happening.

This would be good to see in future release / development plans.

Modify "Mail" from Google to exchange, Change of mail setup from Gmail to Exchange
I am running the self hosted version, and configured the mail under my workspace to connect to gmail.
Tested - works fine.

I want to change this now to use our internal exchnage server - i can't find where i can modify the mail setting from gmail to exchange.
When I click the mail link on my workspace, it goes straight to the gmail login page.

Is this possible, and if not, how can I delete the gmail configuration to add a new exchange configuration.

Latest download version in use.

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