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HTML being stripped out of API call
We are using the API to post updates to our activity stream from another of our business websites. we need to pass an image in the content, but much of the html is stripped out it seems. This means there is no way to format the image inside the body of the content. Can you advise if there is some way to align an image correctly so the html is not stripped out? Thanks.
'Location' column in drive is missing., 'Location' column in drive is missing.
By 'Form' I assume you must mean the document LIST interface?

The settings button displays only permissions and a couple of other unrelated functions such as whether Business Processes are activated.
Surely form list columns should be in the column selector top left of the list?
'Location' column in drive is missing., 'Location' column in drive is missing.
The page here:

... displays a screenshot showing a column called 'Location' which shows in what cloud or local storage the file is located. I cannot find this column in our version. Where has it gone?
How to Remove Marketplace Apps, specifically Doc Designer?, How to Remove Marketplace Apps, specifically Doc Designer?
How can I remove the 'Marketplace' menu item altogether?

I understand if admins would have access, but all users seems to have full access to this by default and can install items at will!
How to disable Bitrix Network and 'Create' option
Bitrix is now [I]enforcing[/I] exposure to the Bitrix24 cloud network on the employees of my company.

I have bought and paid for licenses for hundreds of staff to remain within the company social network for the purposes of our company business... NOT for you to have the opportunity to market your own network to them or to confuse them with access to a completely different service which we have not paid for and do not wish to use.

I can understand this feature being present on the cloud version, but enforcing this on our own hosted version,  which is on our own hardware and with NO OPTION TO TURN IT OFF, is objectionable.

Please clarify your plans and whether you have an intention to separate the desktop apps between cloud and download versions. If not then I feel we have no option but to pass the end user agreement over to our lawyers to see if we have any options in that direction.
How to disable Bitrix Network and 'Create' option
I will have 100+ people in 10 countries using the system, all of varying technical and language skill levels. having this option visible and accessible to all staff will confuse and distract. By all means keep the function, but we must be able to disable it based on permissions, same for being able to invite others.
Edited: Brian Anderson - 07/22/2014 13:20:40
How to disable Bitrix Network and 'Create' option
I don't want my team inviting other people, connecting with other peoples Bitrix's or creating their own.

How to turn off access to your cloud Network?
Export / Import process, Export / Import process
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Denis,

Unfortunately, this opton is not available yet, but we will pass the request to the development departmen.

Kind regards,


Can you clarify if/when this will be included? Not all CRM processes are the same, and leads and deals need to share the same information and data.


Google Apps and Gmail IMAP integration, integrating with google apps, using gmail imap with bitrix
Can I follow up and ask if there has been any development regarding Google Apps integration? Our Information Systems team are now testing Google Apps for our company while I am developing the CRM solution... the obvious ideal scenario is thet these work 100% together. For The file management, is there an integration with Google Docs/Drive for storage, as well as editing/viewing?
How to change the design template in the download version?
Well now it works, must be magic.

I have tried each of the template types in the settings but they do not reproduce the default template ([I]not [/I]the social network style), using "Desktop Application" with no conditions just displays the central content area in the default style with no top menu section.
How to change the design template in the download version?
The broken link is situated here: [url=][/url]

Is there no way to change the template without reinstalling and losing all configurations?
How to change the design template in the download version?
The install version documentation it states: "In future, you can change the design template by running the [B]Configuration Wizard[/B]. See the [url=]installation guide[/url] for more information on these actions." That link now goes to a 404.

So how can we change the overall template design after the site installation?

Local Install Requirements for mbstring.func_overload, is there a workaround for requiring "mbstring.func_overload=2"
There is a server requirement related to the PHP parameter “mbstring.func_overload setting”. This needs to be set to the specific value of 2 for the system to operate. However, this is in direct conflict with our helpdesk which runs on the same server.

Can you check if there is a workaround to enable “mbstring.func_overload setting” parameter to operate with a value of “0” rather than “2” which is the current need.

Usually it would be possible to define this value in the htaccess file for each domain on the server, but PHP 5.2.8 onwards has a bug which will not allow that to happen for this specific parameter!
CRM: Reports
I am trying to make a report of the total sales per sales consultant. How to limit the report to just presenting total sales for each consultant on a single line?
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