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Quotes not opening correctly in Android and Nokia
Whenever a customer opens the PDF quote using their Android or Nokia smartphone the PDF only shows our logo!  No quote shown.

Have sent this to an iPhone which shows fine.  Tried other PDFs to the Nokia and Android smartphone which are fine.  Only the Bitrix created PDFs have issues.

Anyone else found this?
? Question mark instead of attachment Mac Mail
We've also noticed that attachments send via PDF and opened on Android or Nokia smartphones show ONLY the logo at the top of the page - no quote for some reason. iPhones are fine...
? Question mark instead of attachment Mac Mail
Whenever I send a quote from the system to a Mac via email, the attachment comes through as a strange question mark instead of a normal looking file icon.  I'm afraid customers might think the quote is not attached.

It looks like this:


You CAN double click the ? and the file opens.  However it's not right.  If I was a customer and I saw that I would think the file didn't come through.

Anyone come across this before?  Comes through fine when I send to Gmail account.
Prices not being pulled in quote, Quote Issue
I used the DocDesigner plugin and tried to change the ProductName to ProductDescription - I didn't log the exact text for each of these.  Then I went to save and got that error at the top.
Prices not being pulled in quote, Quote Issue
Ah thanks very much.  I get an error when I try to update a quote doc that says:

Вам недоступны бизнес-процессы.

I can't understand this.  What is it please?
Prices not being pulled in quote, Quote Issue

If anyone does have this same problem, we were leaving the Expiration Date as blank or putting today's date.  Bitrix assumes the quote is out of date and therefore does not show any prices.  Simply set a future Expiry Date and, for us at least, everything working as it should...
Prices not being pulled in quote, Quote Issue
Does anyone know if this is anything to do with special characters within the Product?  I.e. it might not like a -hyphen- or an & in the product?
Name instead of Description in quote
I'm seeing the Name of the item (like the short code) in the description of our quotes.  I want to be able to see the Description of the item.

For example, if you look at item 3, it says B3 PREMIUM but it should say "2 Lengths Worktop 2.7m".

How can I get the Description in that column instead of the Item Name?
Prices not being pulled in quote, Quote Issue
Anyone had this?

I create a quote and the prices are not being pulled in even though they are set in the products.


Anyone know why this is happening?
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