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Activity Stream iOS, No relevant information for tasks
Here is a screenshot of my Activity Stream in the iOS app. [URL=][/URL] The top two items are tasks- yet there is no mention that they are tasks, no information about the tasks, and no link to the tasks themselves. The only information showing is the creator name, linked company, date and who is responsible. clicking anywhere only brings up my or the company profile- no way to see any information stating it is a task or anything about the task itself.

What is the point? Why show a task with no mention of the task, or even that it is a task? I have been trying to commit to using Birtrix24 for my company but things like these keep me searching for another solution.

I realize one can go to the tasks section, but I feel many in my company will rely on the Activity stream.

Also getting zero notifications for the iOS app, which is a major concern.
I need all users to See & Edit all contacts, Staff across our company interact with all contacts and hence I need all users to have full access to all contacts
CRM>SETTINGS>ACCESS PERMISSIONS> click the little pencil to the right of the different roles on the right should be what you are looking for

Im in the same boat as you- been evaluating every CRM and bitrix24 is the closest to having everything we need so Im giving it a run, but takes a little digging to get it setup
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are already using Bitrix24