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Change company name and add logo
If you're only looking to change the logo for some reason, you can also modify it by doing the following:

1. Log in with an account that has administrator privileges
2. "Show" the Site menu
3. Make sure "Edit Mode" is turned on
4. Hover over the logo with your mouse cursor
5. Click the "Edit Area" button that appears
6. Use the picture selection dialog to upload your photo or take one from a library already on Bitrix24.

If you replace the image with one of the same width and length there should be no issue..
IF your image ends up the wrong size, you can right-click it in the editing dialog, and choose "edit image", then specify the size of the image, or choose the "Don't specify size" check box to see what it does!  

See attached file, hopefully this is helpful to someone!
(and if you click on the image below, it will open properly.. Somehow the thumbnail looks gross on my computer.. Sorry!)

Edited: Jordan Cartwright - 06/01/2015 21:56:13 (Had to explain the goofy display of the image thumbnail. )
Self hosted installation problems, Demo install freezes on windows virtual server, and Amazon can't locate the virtual appliance at all..

 I've tried to self-install the demo a couple of different ways with no luck.  I've submitted a support request, but figured I'd see if anyone here has encountered the same issues, and found a resolution..  
1. Amazon web services - Cannot locate either "Bitrix Virtual Appliance" or "bitrix24" in the AWS Marketplace.

2. Installed virtual appliance on a Windows Virtual machine, and the
installation interface shows up, but when I choose to install Bitrix24
BizPace, Demo Version the progress bar bounces between 1% and 4% for an
extremely long time.   When left overnight, the package finally
downloaded, but I encountered the following error:

[QUOTE][I][B][ERR_SIZE_CHECK] Extracted file '/home/bitrix/www/./bitrix/modules/catalog/load_import/commerceml_g_setup.php' have incorrect file size '' (11491 expected). Archive may be corrupted [/B][/I][/QUOTE]

Questions: [/B]
1. What steps do I need to follow to get B24 installed?   (The amazon_guide.pdf document is not clear on where to do this)
2. Will most recent release of Bitrix solve this problem?

Thoughts anyone?
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