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Feature request: email templates
Good morning I'm producing the company's e-mail templates and I'm having difficulties with some tags.
Our e-mail signature will look like this:

[COLOR=#00aeef]<! Beginning of Email Signature>[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00aeef] +55 (21) 982 884 604 | Skype: DMauricioCampos[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#00aeef] >>> Follow me the good ones.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00aeef] [WWW] [Youtube] [LinkedIn] [Behance] [Udemy][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#00aeef]Think art, live design.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00aeef]<! End of email signature>[/COLOR]

But I want the phone number, Skype, and social media to appear automatically according to the data that employees will include in their employee roster.

Where do I see this tag map to do what I need?
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
Staff good day.
This function to reorganize the lists is something basic for a task manager . Drag and drop then something is REQUIRED. I used your apicativo the weekend and am interested in migrating to the Pro version . But without this function has no way to use your application. Even more so with a request from the day 10/11/2012 . 2012 we are already in 2015 and this basic function has not been resolved . Is there any indication as to when this will be resolved. Today is 04/20/2015 .

Another problem I'm having is with the time counter . Does not work. Is there any indication as to when this will be resolved. One of the reasons we have chosen your application has this function . Here's a link function .

Hugs and awaiting a response.
Setting up email from Custom Hosting Provider
Personal use the hostgator and had the same configuration difficulties. I believe check emails within the CRM software is the best option. Also because I want to keep the emails registered with my clients, as I did with Sugar CRM. How do I use more than one email account to communicate with my clients and staff, need to set up several imap accounts. Thing that your software does today. As it is today I have to keep using Outlook. Thing I would stop using, as his friend Eric Richner said.

[B]Default setting for those who use hostgator.[/B]

[I]E-mail server web interface URL[/I]

[I]IMAP server address[/I]


[I]Secure connection[/I]



[B]Congratulations team bitrix24 the wonderful software.[/B]
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