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HTTPS access, Use CAcert certificate
I register my domain on and generated .crt certificate for third level domain. Then I create self-sign certificate. I implemented that in NGINX and I can log on Bitrix in my browser when I accept certificate. Problem starts when I try to log on Bitrix DesktopApp. I accept certificate when I was asked but app wont log in, just trying to... And from the mobile App, it says that platform on the server must be upgraded.
Problem with sync on My Drive, Change the file name by adding the @URL_OF_SELF-HOSTED_SERVER.DOCX, XLSX, PDF
After installing new app for desktop hell broke out, name of files a changed by adding @URL.docx, elsx. pdf, jpg of self-hosted server and they can't be sync. Lot of files... It might be connected with Windows 10 update 1511, when I run installation on W10 it ask me, if I want to install app in compatibility mode...
Edited: Đorđe Talović - 12/21/2015 18:03:57
Google cloud storage, How to connect Google cloud storage and what is for
Firm that I work for have self hosted version of Birtix24. How to connect, add new cloud storage, specifically, Google cloud storage, and what is for? What is purpose of connected cloud storage?
My Drive File Access Permissions, How is that supposed to work
OK, user have files directly in "My Drive" or in some folder that is not shared. What should happen when user grant some access permissions over document, to another user. When I do that as regular user, nothing is happening. Users with whom I've shared a document, they can not see them anywhere. But when I set access permissions as Administrator, user can see that documents on my profile page, in section "Drive", not in "Shared files" but alongside.
So, again. What is the purpose of "Access permissions" over document and how to use it?
Synchronization problem on self-hosted Bitrix, Local folder Bitrix24 and My Drive not sync
OK friends,

I began transition on Bitrix in company that I work for. SO first thing I started to transfer documents and files on Bitrix "My Drive". I installed Bitrix24 desktop app and copy documents in local folder Bitrix24. Some files that are copied in local folder Bitrix24 are not sync with My Drive. They have "pending" sign, not green "check" sign. Even after several days. I notice in section Bitrix24.Drive in Bitrix24 Desktop App, synchronization is active, and trying to sync some files, but nothing's happening (example: synchronization 0-14). I guess it stuck on some files.. so it can't go on to next file, so some files are not sync at all...

When I share some folder in Bitrix My Drive with other users, those files are shown on there My Drive, but they are not fully copied on there local folder Bitix24. All folders are copied but files in those folders are not.
Google drive integration, There is no Goolge Drive option when uploadin files
I saw Your post. And I don't have that option. Here is Print Screen. I'm going blind of searching for that option, and trying to google it.
Google drive integration, There is no Goolge Drive option when uploadin files
In our company we have self hosted Bitrix24. Would someone explain me how to integrate Goolge drive. We use Google Apps for mail server.
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