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Bitrix Windows App Change log
We have just received version Please inform, where we can find a change log of these updates.
Subtask time spent not added to parent task
[QUOTE]Jags A wrote:
Hi ..
Can i move one of the subtask from one task and add as a subtask to another task ?[/QUOTE]
Sure, by drag & drop in Gantt (drop between other subtasks), by indent and outdent arrows in Gantt or by "edit" task and change of entry field "subtask of" which denotes the (new) parent task.
Email Notification, Change settings
Thanks, Yana. Unfortunately this option is not sufficient.
Of course users shall receive notifications, if they all disable it's the opposite of what we want.

Just no. of notifications is much too high. So when I edit I would appreciate to have two options:
1. notify about changes (default)
2. not notify changes (because only observers added or typos corrected)

Please consider! Acceptance of Bitrix from users is directly related with amount and relevance of notifications. With 90 useless and 10 useful notifications they will not read anymore...
Email Notification, Change settings
every employee needs to apply these settings...

If I do mass (batch) changes I temporarily deactivate notifications in our self-hosted by following steps:
temporarily rename home/bitrix/.msmtp.rc

@Bitrix: A button in the backend would be more convenient
Managing email notifications
Under "E-mail templates" (in the self hosted) you can mess with notifications. I didn't do yet in our productive environment.
One way to handle is also to make outlook rules to delete/move notifications with certain phrases (observer has been changed, etc.)
Screen sharing
try the desktop app (tray icon) instead in chrome: this should make it some bigger.
But not fullscreen. I also raised this feature request: They said to realize it, but not when.
Screen sharing
dear Agnieszka, Reason is your opposite has two sceens activated.
Have him switch (Shortcut windows key + P) to one screen... this will work.
Progress status of tasks, Some kind of status of the percentage of work done on a task
I thought a bit about tracking time of several participants... also submitted by ticket to Lev....
Adujust "Type of absence" list
Found it: Backend - Content - Information blocks - Information block types - Company structure - Absence Chart - Dropdown:Properties - Type of absence (list) dropdown edit. Scroll to bottom
Adujust "Type of absence" list
We want to customize the types of absences (on self-hosted). Where can we do this? Use case is we want to use green to indicate "on-site" for consultants...

Also workaround hint: We crated a user "Holidays". His absences are company holidays.
Edited: Florian Korthauer - 09/06/2016 10:54:30
Ability to upload microsoft project files to update tasks, Need to update project tasks on bitrix by updating microsoft project plan
@choksi: you can mark several tasks (in list view, not in gantt) and perform batch operations at the bottom... (move dealine etc.)
@zarif: there is some way to insert new tasks from a list (but I guess not update...) have to investigate myself.[URL=][/URL]
Default task view, Can you have 'All' tasks as the default task view?
Actually there is a setting... but adding the required parameter for task view "all" (?F_CANCEL=Y&F_SECTION=ADVANCED) doesn't change the default view... :-(
Can somebody help?

I passed this as ticket to Bitrix and response was, that there are issues with views and they are working on it.
Bitrix Backend (self Hosted) - Settings - System Settings - Module Settings - Intranet - Synchronization
Edited: Florian Korthauer - 09/02/2016 15:07:48
Exporting Gantt Chart
actually, if the Excel export would conatin colums for GANTT dependency (predecessor task id), sub-task indication (parent task id) this could be imported to MS Project or other tools... (also please participants/observers...)

Also these guys have access to way more fields (Time tracking/approval etc.) and can even upload (where?). Therefore it is possible already. Question is where...

Of course PDF GANTT download right out of bitrix is also nice!
Progress status of tasks, Some kind of status of the percentage of work done on a task
Workaround 1: Checklist items (25%/50%,...) but not visible in GANTT/List, only in detail.
Workaround 2: Task planned time = 100 hrs (100%), Time elapsed 35 hrs (35%). This also shows in Task List, but better use real time values.

Our approach: Start and end date show timeframe in which a task will be completed (not continously working on it). Planned time is sum of needed manhours from all participants. Therefore elapsed time shows status.
Request 1: GANTT Bar should show "sum elapsed time" / planned time / percent (2:30 h  / 10:00 h / 25 %). List should have entry "percentage".
Request 2: Darker blue bar should show, when time was recorded to the task (to see when work was done). For us the prending->in-progress indication (darker, thinner blue bar in GANTT) is useless

Alternatively (but far less accurate): Task progress in percentage could be logged same as (instead of) "planned time". Planned time = 100%, add percentages instead of elapsed time. I would not recommend, because to many ways to do something is confusing. Time tracking is far more detailed (in reports who did how many hours, etc.). 10% of minor task is nothing, on major task is big  progress. With % you can't calculate... With hrs. you can.
Edited: Florian Korthauer - 09/02/2016 12:56:03
Subtask time spent not added to parent task
@Roger Küng: We download the data to excel and summarize estimated and actual time there (workaround). (Each Task has a prefix 00., etc.) to allow sorting in excel (also pivot table for sum of time for each responsible).
For us also it would be nice to display sum of estimated and conducted time in sub-tasks beside the orignial time of the parent task.
Where is my Applications menu ?
Is there a way or plan to have Marketplace apps in self hosted?
language selection in footer-side
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
these items seem to be "hard coded" as they are not listed in the Only the ones I added manually are listed there...
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
Thanks, Dimitry. But this does not work to remove "Chat and Calls" or "CRM" from the My Workspace menu... Can you give advice?
Edited: Florian Korthauer - 08/29/2016 10:28:17
Email Notification, Change settings
I need to make many changes in a task plan (rename folders, etc.). Therefore to save people for drowning in notifications and emails I would like to disable that feature, make the changes and afterwards inform about the new structure by email.

Is there such an option available?
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
Same question here...
Some Ideas
We are also interested in this feature (annonymous polls)!
Hiding the column in the front end through customisation is not preferred. Hard coded would be appreciated.
Edited: Florian Korthauer - 04/04/2016 14:19:28
Understanding task dependencies, Parent/previous etc
This is also a big thing for us and Sander explained it perfectly.
I want to propose a solution. From what I understand previous task and connector line in GANTT Chart are independent form each other.
Can you just connect these? So the GANTT automatically draws the lines to previous tasks?
Also (as for scheduling) if a previous tasks gets completed the creator/responsible/praticipant of the following/connected task should be notified.

I think this would serve as a quick fix. We don't expect more at the moment. Graphical display in GANTT and list of previous tasks in task details is sufficient for us...
Previous Task in Task Management, Dependent Task can complete even if previous task execution has started
For now we can live with the functionality but what irritates us:
You can set a dependency by drag & drop in the GANTT.
You can define a previous task in the "edit" form.
Both is independant. Setting it via edit is nice to see the previous task inside the other one.
The connector line in the GANTT is also nice. But setting it twice throws us off...

Also in the list view there should be colums showing the ID of parent task, previous task, participating employees and observers. This would be very improtant for usability of Excel export...
Edited: Florian Korthauer - 03/17/2016 18:01:57
Default task view, Can you have 'All' tasks as the default task view?
We solved this for the Menu entry Task by changing line 35 in .left.menu_ext.php[CODE]SITE_DIR."contacts/personal/user/".$USER_ID."/tasks/?F_CANCEL=Y&F_SECTION=ADVANCED", [/CODE]Next goal to also achieve this for Tasks within groups...
Edited: Florian Korthauer - 03/11/2016 17:27:25
Screen sharing
Hello Yana,
you announced screen sharing in conference calls so I will not request this.
We would also love to have a fullscreen option during video/screen sharing calls.
Can you please note this request? Thanks!
task management by deputy
@Dmitry You just need to set the Responsible also as Creator of the Task. That way he can edit the task.

Solution for the Secretary/Deputy Problem: Just create a group for those two (or more) persons and set them moderators (or allow edit of all tasks to all group members). That way they can see all tasks and edit them.
Default task view, Can you have 'All' tasks as the default task view?
I want to second that. New users are all distracted when they don't see tasks...

I would be good to set "all" for all users as first page in own & group tasks.
Subtasks expanded view, like + icon pushed as default view
I want to second the request. It would be good to have an "expand/collapse all" button :-)
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