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About Access permission and Business Process
1 .First of all, The sharing and Access Permission have similar functions, What are the differences ? When should I use which of them for optimal results?
2.  What is the main difference between "Edit" and " Full access?"
3. Does a user have to have Full access to a document in order to initiate a Business Process?   (for example, a user want to have the supervisor read a document he create under the permission of "edit" in a work group.)
4.  When the "Enable extended permission control for individual files and folders" options turned on, Document accessibility are inconsistent. For example , if a user is granted Full access  for the Work group drive, individual restriction doesn't stop the user from using any of the documents.  However, if a user is only granted full access for one folder, individual restriction on a single sub-folder or sub document can prevent said user from using the document. This very confusing.

5. I saw an access permission  rank  call "add" in tutorial , but i don't see it when i am setting access permission configuration.
6. I want a user to be able to edit a document or create a document under certain folder. However, he will be also granted the permission to delete the whole folder without a trace (irreversibly deleting) . How can i prevent that?
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