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What you need to know about Document Libraries: Network Drive
what worked for me in Windows 7

start > my computer > map network drive > sel ect letter > [B]folder[/B] > (etc) > Finish

I could map both personal folder & 'company drive' as 2 separate drive letters.
I could see and save to them direct fr om Word.

(it [B]didn't work[/B] when I used "[I]connect to a web site to store docs..[/I]." or [I]command line[/I] method !)
Sorting Workgroups
I agree with David, listing workgroups by date created is illogical.
"by creation" would keep the most recent to the top, but overtime with a big organisation they should be listed
- by name,
- or by a workgroup tag ( products / hr / EU / social etc so grouping is possible)

The power of bitrix to transform a large org is with workgroups. but big org = many groups.
I suppose even AtoZ  list becomes hard to look through over time. Perhaps staff should just find relevant groups via search or wait to be invited to them...
Bug: Task Tags get deleted, Task Tags get deleted
spotted a bug

if a task already has a Tag, you open it and you then go to 'Edit', the edit form is not pre-populated with the current tags.
so if you save, the current tags are removed!
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