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How to change work report start date
We have been using bitrix24 since last year... but mostly for the task and collaborating with other employees
Now we want to adhere the rules that all employees have to use the HR tools

Currently we are facing problem with the Work Report that requested reports since last year date, how do we reset the report date to current date?
I've tried restarted the report setting from 'Weekly' to 'Not required' then to 'Weekly' again, but it did not change the report dates


How to add Expenses Claim Functionality

I'm currently testing Bitrix24 suitability for our organization.
is there any way for me to setup Expenses Claim functionality within Bitrix24?

Please see the steps below for the general idea on how the process supposed to function
1- employee request for Expenses Claim by fill in the date, nature of expenses, amount and receipt upload
2- a notification will be send to our HR Admin, she can either approve or reject
3- notification of the result (approve@reject) back the requester

Thanks a lot
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are already using Bitrix24