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Group Contact and specific fields by group

We have many types of contact in our company artists, journalist, student, providers, partners etc... Each groups as a list of specific fields.

How to create different contacts type with bitrix? what is the correct approach?

From what I know from bitrix when I add a custom fields it is shared with all contacts.

The idea is to have by the end a personalized contact form by type of contact.

My best,
Business Process Module disappeared
ok Yana, Thanks
Business Process Module disappeared
I spent time creating Business process in the CRM tools. Then now when I try to reach the Business Process page I got a message 'Business Process Module" is not installed!

I'm looking in market place and cant find it.

I didnt received any message about this from bitrix24

What's wrong ?
Business Process Trigger on Contact import
The task is to make sure the contact data are still update. So it create task to an employee to call the contact, to send an email if not reachable over the phone, auto change contact status depending of new info collected etc..

Thank you Yana
Lauch multiple Business Process

I have created a BP that I want to apply to a large quantity of contacts. What is the best way for that?

Email sending from Bitrix24, The email window
I also support these ideas, it would be an important necessity for all these above-mentioned features.
BCC, CC, SMTP Server...
Business Process Trigger on Contact import
Hi Bitrix Admins !

Contact BP  (on creation) are not trigerred when contact are imported. I tryed to import a list of contact and auto launch BP on import without success.

In a similar way when a Deal is created from inside a contact BP, Deal BP are not triggered as they are when they are manually created.

Any reason for that ?

Another solution would be to lunch bulk BP on a list of contact/documents, didn't find this option.

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