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delete an invitation? delete users?
I have checked forum and FAQ for this, but have not yet found a solution:

I have invited a user who never accepted the invitation and has since left the company. I would like to remove that invitation from the system for two reasons:

- His open invitation clutters up the screen of open invitations.
- I want to revoke the invitation so he is not able to join anymore.
- I wonder whether the invitation counts towards the maximum free users we can have?

When I click the settings symbol next to his name in the “Invited” section and select “Delete”, I get an error message “Error! The user was not deleted.”

Not being able to revoke invitations would potentially (not in this case) be a significant security issue especially in the case of disgruntled former contractors/employees.

How can I delete the user or (since he is not really a user yet) revoke his invitation?
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