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Subtasks and Checklists - Android App, Why don't checklists show up on app
Hi, I just started trialling Bitrix and was extremely disappointed to discover that the mobile app (testing on iOS, but clearly an issue on Android as well) doesn't provide this feature, even though it's been open for two years now. I even attempted to view the tasks via the web interface on my device as a potential, but the checklist doesn't render in mobile Safari (via the non-responsive UI, to boot), instead just displaying a "Please wait..." message. This is a critical feature for our team as we need our employees to be able to access and complete their checklists while on the move, but unfortunately for us, it's unusable in it's current form.
Even if the web interface worked, that would be an unfortunate, but acceptable workaround - but if there is no planned solution forthcoming in the near future, we'll probably have to resume our search for an effective platform, which would be a shame, because Bitrix appears to otherwise offer virtually all the functionality we wanted. I'd appreciate it if someone from your team could respond to shed some light on your plans in this regard.

Many thanks,
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