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Sales Calls, Best way to make future ones
I registered all my calls, and set reminders for myself when to call again. I hooked those to my contacts, and not to the company.  When I click "my activities" I see my list and can make filters. Sofar so good. I see all my calls with their contactnames. Could I have the company name in the same view?
Edited: Roy Lucke - 12/15/2015 15:03:12
Hotkey, hotkey to brand date/time
I would like a hotkey to brand a record: if I update a record of some kind, I would like to date/time brand my remark. For ex, if I press ctrl-T, then automatically the date/time is inserted.

ex: 20151214-1624

This way it is always possible to retrace comments
Edited: Roy Lucke - 12/14/2015 18:27:36
Daily Activity report, How to create a daily activity report and export to Excel.

I would like to create a daily/weekly delivery report as well. I am working on the hosted version.

In the call records I found a creation date, and a deadline, but no "modified on" date... So I am kind of stuck myself
Site export, HTML Export of Bitrix Intranet
No remarks?

I ran into a similar problem yesterday. An import contained several companies double (siglhtly different name too), but with other comments.. What I would like to do is export ALL, remove my whole base, then clean using Excel or something and re-import.

Something like this would be possible?

Roy L.
Site export, HTML Export of Bitrix Intranet

I have the same concern as Gervasio Varela and Zain Mollagee. I want to be able to download ALL my info. I am enriching my data on a daily basis, and want to be able to download it ALL.
Another example where ALL data would be handy: I uploaded my contacts database, dtarted working, and a week later I found it was better to change some of the comments (which where uploaded, but also typed in manually) Since the list is long, I wanted to download the list, make the changes in bulk in the CSV file, then upload it once more. Unluckily, the field I want to change cannot be downloaded, So am I forced to do it all be hand ;-(  ??
I presume you have no immediate plans to make this function since you are worrying about client lock-in. I would argue that excellent service, great functionality, good flexibility and ditto prices is enough to keep us client at Bitrix. Holding my data for ransom is not.
I did not research whether you have a paid service to be able to download ALL data and allthough it would feel silly to pay for my own data, I would greatly prefer a paid option, then have no option. If you already have this option: please point me to it.

Roy L.
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