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Hosted Email and other email questions
Hello  - I have just joined and I am NOT technical at all.  We are moving away fr om gmail as several of my staff are based in China wh ere they can't access.  Currently we use gmail apps.

I have set up my emails to be [][/URL] - just waiting for the MX records to be configured

My next questions are:

a) Can I migrate all of my existing gmail emails into the new hosted email account?

b) Also, can I set up a new email address under my domain?  When I go to add a new email address, it only gives me the option to have a bitrix24 email account

I have several other questions and one of them is "why don't you have a proper live chat help desk?"

Thanks for your help anyone and please be lenient on the technical codes in your answer, I have only just found out what an MX record is (still don't know, but I managed to copy and paste it)

Thanks Belinda
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