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Email message advert, Footer on emails sent from Bitrix24
Is the signature removed also signing up for a paid plan of additional online storage?
Adding email history to a lead
Sorry if this has already been handled earlier in the forum, but seeing the discussions and replies I can still not get it to work.

I have an email address integrated in the CRM, which happens to be the same I am forwarding the message (trying to force it into the CRM). Even though I put the lead ID (in the format LID#8) into the subject line and the email address from that particular lead appears in the email body, the email never shows up in the leads history.

This is a key feature for me and it is extremely irritating that it doesn't work intuitively...
How to forward mail to CRM Object, How to forward mail to CRM Object
[QUOTE]Please try to - forward the email to the CRM inteagreated email address & set the expression with lead ID (e.g. [LID#1], where 1 is lead ID) to the email theme. (contact our Helpdesk for more details if necessary) [/QUOTE]

What do you mean by email theme? The email subject? I have triedd to forward an email to the integrated email address and put the Lead ID in the Subject line, but it still doesn't show up in the lead history.
How do I include a image in email?, I'm trying include an image saved on my computer in a email, but I cannot browse that image. What I suppose to do?
If I use an internal link from the Company drive the image doesn't show up in the email sent. I can also not get it to work with the public link. Do I need to upload the image to an external site?
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