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Order of tasks / Subtasks
[QUOTE]Georges Temime wrote:

this topic is very interesting for me.

In fact I found how to order tasks in the list view but in the gant view, I do not understand the logic.

Furthermore, once a view is set is it possible to submit it to all the person in the project ?
For instance, I'm a project manager and I want to submit a planning to the project leader but when he connect, he see something very different.

Thanks for your help.
I am disappointed that the management of tasks is so poor and that changes suggested for spring/summer havent been delivered. At the moment I think Tasks in Bitrix are useless and we will have to export to Excel and manage that way which totally defeats the purpose of a tool like Bitrix. If I had realised this basic functionality was missing we would not have bought!!

In this post there is talk of ordering tasks in the list view - I cannot find how to do this. The help system doesnt tell me! Can someone tell me how to do this?

Thanks for any help
Bitrix24 email, Has anyone got a bitrix24 email address to work
Attached - eventually.

Why on earth can I NOT upload word documents!! Only application I have ever come across that says word is an invalid format
Bitrix24 email, Has anyone got a bitrix24 email address to work
We are new to Bitrix and trying things before we decide to give them money :)

I have created a Bitrix24 email address and sent a test email to it. And I keep getting a receive error - I have raised a ticket with High priority but had no response (not too impressed with that).
I have tried sending an email from within Bitrix and it says fill out the to field when there is clearly an address in there.

So. can anyone tell me if this works??
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are already using Bitrix24