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Tasks templates
Just a note, this program looks amazing, we were planning to switch over the whole company to Bitrix, but with the lack of ability to create useful templates(subtasks etc) and the lack of a clear and efficient project management section such as seen in other programs like Teamwork.  Hopefully we can revisit Bitrix in a year or two, but with the current deficiencies in templates, and the project management issues, we're going to be setting up with teamwork.  It's a shame, you have a fantastic program, but it seems to have a few serious deficiencies in critical areas.

The other strange issues is that for some reason with subtasks, the shift-enter, ctrl-enter commands don't work, which means that manual creation of sub-tasks is slow, making it all the more important to have good template sub-task functions.
Edited: Proactive Solutions - 06/03/2015 10:19:09
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