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Question Deal Filtering by Multiple Products
I can see the ability to filter by several parameters, but what if i want to narrow down a single parameter. I would like to choose more than 1 product to filter by and I can only seem to select 1 product to filter deals by. Another example would be filtering by 2 cities under companies. I can remove filters but can not add any further than 1. It would be nice to be able to gather a filter that can search for companies in a region by entering multiple city parameters Filter: Northeast USA results = cities Boston OR New York. Or results which have deals for widgets OR Doodads.
Edited: Jason Geraci - 08/24/2015 18:11:02 (spelling)
Question Deal Filtering by Multiple Products
Hello, We have entered some deals with annual or monthly billing as 2 different products and are looking for filtering. Unfortunately I can only seem to select 1 product to filter by at once. Am I choosing incorrectly? I would like to be able to filter results that (contains or does not contain) both product X and product Y.
Thanks for your input in advance.
A forced Bitrix24 signature in outcoming emails??, We've discovered today that Bitrix adds a advertising signature to outcoming email...!
Hello Yana,
Beginning Migration for our company to using Bitrix. Was disheartened to see this advertisement of Bitrix in the outgoing emails. Have you given any thought to removing this line since March? Would be willing to pay a nominal fee possibly to remove it for people not needing the full feature set described by the"Standard" Subscription
Thanks in advance,
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