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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Order of tasks / Subtasks

I don't see drag-and-drop task ordering implemented yet.

When is it planned ? We are mid-2015 now...

Tasks and calendar on App
I'm using the Android App and my tasks are only showing in the 'tasks' section and not inside the calendar, as they do on the website. Also, I haven't added anything to my main calendar - only tasks using the GANNT chart, which show up in the 'My Tasks' calendar. When I export my calendars from Bitrix, it only exports the main calendar and doesn't include the tasks - so it's basically empty. Is this a bug? Logically, I would've assumed tasks assigned to me would be automatically added to [I]my [/I]calendar instead of or at least as well as using an entirely separate calendar… Any help would be appreciated.
I saw this question had already been asked in 2013 and you answered this demande would be send to developers.
Now, in june 2015, I still have this problem. I can't see my tasks in the app calendar.
Is this point in development or not yet ?
Otherwise, I will have to search another app...
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