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Automatically track accrual of vacation days etc.?
Checking Voicemails + SIP, How can voicemails be checked from a SIP phone?
How do you get a notified that a voicemail has been left and also how to listen to just voicemail, I can only find way is to go through all calls in my My Drive or go through My Activities, but it doesn't show as voicemail left?
Track expenses associated with a product/deal
We have just hit a brickwall, after spending a lot of money, time and effort into integratiion from our Erp system into B24 CRM

This is negative value is not allowed, so any orders, product qty or customer balance that have a negative value can not be saved / synced.

This now totally eliminates us being able to complete the integration

Please can you allow the negative symbol to sync to products, deals and invoice

As Nick asked some time ago

"-allow "negative" value products (a products that costs -$10 for instance) "

how to sync leads from website, how to sync leads to bitrix24 through external sales wizzard
Currently working on a connector for integrating our webstore built on Prestashop and Erp system into Bitrix via API, trying to find best solution in syncing web order sales into Bitrix

I can't find any documentation on how the E-shops on Bitrix Site manager sync the orders into B24

Most links in the forums, blogs and help doc's no longer work ie) - [URL=]E-Store + CRM: processing orders from the e-Store in the CRM[/URL]- as from above

Could you please send a link to documentaion that explains your current process of syncing web sale orders into Bitrix24?

Instant Message Alerts, Instant messaging with Bitrix24

Yes please make a setting to enable or disable notifications to be dismissed manually, so the user can choose to manually dismiss the notification or for it to disappear automatically.

Persistent chat notifications - desktop app

Any development on this?

We currently use Trillian as our internal chat system and it is great.

Just starting to move the company over to Bitrix and would like to use the chat system already integrated and stop using Trillian but need the notifications on screen to stay there until manually dismissed. This is very important for us.

In Trillian you have an option to hide notification after a certain amount of time, we set this to infinity.

Im specifically referring to the desktop app

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