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Workgroup drive permisions, A user with 'Edit' permission can still delete files
Thanks Yana, but I can't restore a file or see revision history if the user selects 'Delete irreversibly' instead of 'Move to recycle bin'.

Most of our files are pdf so the users are not able to edit the contents in any case.
Workgroup drive permisions, A user with 'Edit' permission can still delete files

According to another post, the Edit permission is for reading + editing files, and the full access permission is to also allow deleting.

I have set up a workgroup with me as the owner and one other member, and I have added files to it's drive. If I give a the member Edit permission he is still able to delete files irreversibly.

If I give this same member Read permission then he can not upload or delete which is correct. I have not set up any department permissions that could conflict.

I would like members to be able to add files and folders, but not to delete anything.
Custom fields for companies, Questions about binding
Thanks Yana

1 & 2: Hopefully these can be done in future
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:

3 - new custom field> type=bind to information block elements>information block type=documents(library)>further you can choose fr om group library, user library or common documents.

Here is a screenshot of what I can select, have I gone wrong somewh ere?
Custom fields for companies, Questions about binding

Could I please have some help with the following points:

1) I would like to bind a workgroup to a company so that when viewing a company a user can see and link to the project(s) undertaken for that company. I can't see a way of doing this, is it possible?

2) I found that I can bind the photo albums and photos in a workgroup to a company with the bind to info block/elements fields, but when viewing that company it just shows the name of the album or the filename of a photo without a link or image. This is not very useful.

3) There is a guide explaining custom fields where a binding is made to a document in the document library, but when I choose 'Bind to information block elements' I do not have an option to choose document library. I can only choose workflows, social networks, photo gallery, company structure, wiki or a blank entry. If I select the blank entry then the 'Select information block' list has items related to the DocDesigner application even though I have removed DocDesigner.
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