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Business Process for CRM it's not able to attach File (Drive), Just trying to attach a file in my Bitrix24's Drive using a BP template for CRM (Contacts).
I'm able to create a manual BP for Contacts called "Send PDF of Requirements", Start -> Email -> End, I configured just one parameter as following:
[TABLE][TR][TD]Nombre[/TD][TD]ID[/TD][TD]Tipo[/TD][TD]Requerido[/TD][TD]Múltiple[/TD][TD]Acciones[/TD][/TR][TR][TD]PDF File[/TD][TD]Parameter1[/TD][TD]File (Drive)[/TD][TD]Si[/TD][TD]No[/TD][TD]Subir | Bajar | Editar | Eliminar[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]
The BP appears correctly at the Business Process tab at the bottom of the Contact View as well to choose the file in the Bitrix24's Drive, but when I start the process it send the email but without the pdf attached.

It would be nice to have a field into the Email to set a file to send a specified file as you can set From or Subject fields.

My purpose is always to send the same PDF to my customers when they start a project.
Edited: Rafael Monge - 06/15/2015 23:09:49
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