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Speed of the forms in tasks need to be faster, Too slow to create form, update or save
Hi.there are days when we have a planning session, evaluation, or other meetings, we identify multiple work items. As a director and project manager, I do not assign the task of creating a list of work items to an assistant because it can lead to mistakes. When it's about creating a few tasks I can accept that the forms are slow to load and save.

Please improve the speed so that the user experience does not suffer.
Ability to upload microsoft project files to update tasks, Need to update project tasks on bitrix by updating microsoft project plan
Hi for the big projects, I will have hundreds of tasks with start and end date. In agile projects these tasks change a lot and therefore making multiple changes on the msp file is much easier that updating one task at a time on bitrix.

Please add a feature where the tasks of a project can be updated by uploading an update ms project file.
Ability to add custom fields in the list of tasks, Need to be able to add custom items to the gantt chart view to filter items
This is extremely important when I have multiple projects running with people in different sites, groups, clients etc.

Yes I can use the groups for this, but this is still limited and does not serve its purpose. The tags aren't that helpful either. This lack of feature is a deal breaker for me.
Gant Chart Export to PDF and Excel, Please add the ability to export the gant chart items to excel
This is important for team member to keep a track of the progress of their current work and also allows them to add information that cannot be added to the task in Bitrx24
Gantt Chart Print Function, I need to be able to print out the gantt chart for the weekly project progress meetings
Hi this is an extremely important feature for not only myself as the project manager but also for my team. If I can hand this to my team they can carry the project plan to the sites where they need to carry out the work.
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