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Company interaction overview

Is there anyone else who would like to see a screen, which would show something like the Stream screen, but more complete, sortable, ...
It would show all the Activities (calls, mails, ...) and Deals for all Contacts linked to a Company, in chronological order.
This would allow to quickly read the history and context of a Company.

Is this of interest to anyone? Is there a tool that already does this?
This is key functionality for us as we have looong time relations with our customers and I need to know 1-3 years of interaction...

Best regards,
Deals Kanban View, Improvements proposals

We are very happy with the kanban view for Deals, it is really great!

To make it more usable we'd like to have possibility to configure what fields are visible on the tiles; mostly we're missing the Responsible for the deal and Completion date.
Also the filters don't seem to have all the fields, that would help too.

Otherwise thank you, it's a great improvement!

С уважением,
Activity: Filtering by Where or similar, I am trying to filter specific meetings

How can I filter activities (meetings in this case) that were made during a fair fr om others?
And meetings made in our offices vs. meetings at our clients'?
I was thinking I can use the Wh ere field, but it does not appear in the filter.
Export is also not possible so I can't do it in Excel or sth.

Is there any way?
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