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Import task list, Importing a list of tasks from "Wrike"
MAKE Interactive has an internal tool (which we offer as a service) by which task data in a CSV or Excel file can be used to create tasks in any version (cloud service or "self-hosted") of Bitrix24. We can be contacted at  [][/URL]. We can provide simple instructions such that you would not even need to provide access to your Bitrix24 instance.
Business process: How to repeat a task weekly or monthly

The While loop seems really to be the answer.  We can help you create a business process of this nature if it just isn't working for you. It's usually just a few hours of work and you'll be able to copy and modify what we write.

In short, by setting the "While" condition to whatever status is applicable, you can have it run indefinitely. It's a good idea to set up a condition that confirms the status directly before the email is sent (or other critical action is performed automatically). Use a Pause process block inside the While loop that waits for 1 week or 1 month.  Basically, if you set a "while" loop around the email stage in this workflow:  [URL=][/URL], you would have it sending email out every week (the "2nd Email" block would need to be deleted).

Another way to do this would be via a State-Driven workflow. This would not be easier.
Can QUOTE fields trigger an action?
"I am trying to trigger an action when a Yes/No field in the Quotes area is set as YES.
However I am not able to access this Yes/No value in Business Processes."

Hi -- where are you accessing the Business Process modeler? Via Deals in the CRM Settings?  
how to assign workflow to perticular workgroup., I've created one process workflow, i want to assign that workflow into perticular workgroup.

This can't be done directly in the cloud service, and in the onsite, it would take a bit of customization.

The work-around I suggest is simply to create a field of "List" type and to enter into the list all of the existing workgroups. You could conceivably put the link to the workgroup into a (separate) field, as well, if you needed to refer to that elsewhere in the workflow.

Kind regards
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What kind of hosting space required?
Yes. Amazon and others have cloud packages in which the Bitrix Virtual Appliance can be run.  MAKE Interactive can provide these initial services, including installation. [][/URL]
Extract field from the CONTACT and put into DEALS
Hi Goran,

Indeed, you have presented a problematic situation. Putting the value of the CONTACT field as the recipient (in the email action block), as you mention, does not work.
I hope that Bitrix can fix this.

The only work-around that can suggest it to add a custom field to the Deal of [I]String[/I] type and simple put that in the recipient field in the action block. You will have to put this value in by hand for each deal, which is sub-optimal, but the system will send the email to the address, even though it is a string and not a user value.

I hope Bitrix will consider what options there are to change this.
Set Read Permission for Bussiness Process After Completed
The Set Permissions block itself is in the list of actions on the right under "Other".  I would highly recommend that you update your self-hosted Bitrix24 and that you get these processes installed (they might not just appear with updates in some cases) so you can substitute them for the now-obsolete Business Processes menu section.  If you don't know how to do this, a Bitrix partner such as ourselves can.  

Also, it is quite useful to have a testing instance in the cloud for things like this. Although I would recommend building complex workflows in your regular environment, since migration can involve correction of custom field references.
Set Read Permission for Bussiness Process After Completed
There is a good example of this in the built-in process called "Leave Approval".  If you open that workflow in the editor ([URL=][/URL]/) - you'll see at the bottom left that there is a Set Permissions block that allows the "Bookkeeper" access. Simply insert a similar block at the end of the process and the builder to find "created by" as the user granted permission.
Edited: MAKE Interactive - 07/22/2015 20:23:50
Help needed in Custom fields In cloud version, Any option in bitrix that can make custom fields related to user profile
No so. As I mentioned, these are state-driven processes and each user will really only have 1 that never really ends.  It will move from state to state as requests are made, so the variable will not reset since the process starts only once.  That was what my note about "the only 'problem'" was in my original post.  
Help needed in Custom fields In cloud version, Any option in bitrix that can make custom fields related to user profile
Not a problem. The initial value would be 10 and the Fulfillment stage would just subtract. Checking the value of that variable is a simple condition fork.  
Help needed in Custom fields In cloud version, Any option in bitrix that can make custom fields related to user profile
Workflows run on a single element of an "info-block". If you're using the cloud, this is not a term that you would see much, but in the on premise version, it is common.  An info-block can be thought of as a List.

It is not possible to obtain data fr om an external object (such as a user profile) fr om a workflow (unless you use the php coding block that is avalable only in the on premise version).

However, you could use a state-driven workflow to accomplish this effect, even in the cloud.  I would suggest states like this:    "No request" and  "Request approval" and "Request fulfillment" -- wh ere the workflow is in the 1st state until the user performs the action of sending a request, then it is submitted for approval. When approved, the "request fulfillment" stage creates the absence chart entry and adds 1 to the "Sick leaves taken" variable. This way, that variable is always available to the workflow.  Access permission (for the requestor) would need to be carefully permitted and denied in the various stages).

The "problem" would be that each employee would have 1 workflow "assigned" to him and that workflow would basically never stop running. The workflow thus created would show a list to the HR and/or other managers wh ere each employee has a single element in the list.

This perhaps could be accomplished with sequential workflows, but I think that access issues would arise (the user might be able to edit the number of Sick leaves himself).  
What kind of hosting space required?
Naturally, it depends on space and usage, provider, and a bunch of other factors. In our experience, it can be between 60 euro and 200 euro per month (this is not a commercial offer).

Amazon is a very commonly used service among Bitrix clients.
Change contact's fields from deal business process template, How to update some field of Contact if the new deal was created
This would really take a lot of manipulation to achieve.  Keep in mind that Workflows (aka business processes) run on a single infoblock item. In the on premise version of Bitrix24, this might be conceivable, though difficult. For the cloud - extremely unlikely to be feasible.
basic business process logic, how to ask from each new member of a workgroup to read a wiki / post?
Yes.  BPs can be run on information block items only.  That means:   documents, list items, CRM Deals, Contact, Companies, and Leads, and other items where information blocks are the crux of the system.  Thus, you can't run them on Tasks, Users, or web pages. Depending on how much you need something, automation and additional coding can provide significant workarounds.
basic business process logic, how to ask from each new member of a workgroup to read a wiki / post?
This would be best done as a state-driven workflow. That is, I would not actually create a task at all. The approval process can then be moved back and forth between states in the workflow.  The example state driven process gives some insight into this. The states are connected by individual sequential processes. In this scenario, the person who you have performing the task would actually "approve" the document once he/she had made the changes he things are necessary, and then submit it for approval by the next person.  

The reason i don't advise using a task is that it is difficult for a workflow to check the status of a task.  It can check any status that is represented by a Document Field or Variable within the process, though.

The last step which you describe, where the task might go back and forth multiple times between being edited and waiting for approval, is really a strength of the state-driven processes.
CRM - Contract Management, adding custom fields to manage contracts and reporting on them
Hi Shane,

The answer would be a State-Driven Business Process (workflow) that runs on each of your CRM Contacts (or wherever the contract data is kept). State-driven processes basically never end, and you could have them turn fields on and off and send notifications when, like you said, a contract is coming due.
Feel free to contact us:
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