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User Access, Users
Hi Yana,
thanks for your response. Actually I had a default access permission 'Employees' which was set to 'Manager' role. I guess that was the reason why everyone had access to everything, simply by being an employee....
Now, I've set Employees to have custom Artist role, which is set to disable access on almost everything. I am uploading a screenshot of such a user's Company section, which is now stripped from everything. I guess this is what it is supposed to look like?
[edit] I meant CRM section, sorry, there isn't any now for basic users (which is fine) [/edit]

I think this solved my problem and I think I understand the approach now more clearly, so thanks a lot for your help!

On a side note, what I suggest for some new updates, maybe adding roles as a feature per employee. Maybe adding a dropdown option for selecting a role when inviting new users? Just a suggestion

thanks a bunch,
best regards
Edited: Dejan Ivanovic - 07/20/2015 14:51:30
User Access, Users
Hi, since I am having a similar problem, my forum search brought me to this topic.
Anyway, in one way I think I understand how permissions work and managed to get our 'accounting' department to have insight in all stuff relevant to their work.

But, on the other hand, if I add a new employee, it can see all of 'companies' we have in our CRM. On top of that, 'basic user' - default, can enter and look through our client details, contacts, etc.. This is also not that bad, but what is unacceptable is that a default new user can change a responsible person handling certain client? Really weird... How should I deal with this?
Is there a way I can make all new default users have basic permissions, and not be able to influence our company internal stuff?

thanks in advance,
best regards
delete an invitation? delete users?
Hi Yana, thanks for the quick reply.
I completely agree to have the same options for admins, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to add another 'super admin' category, or 'account holder' in the future.
As an account owner, you should feel protected that no one can 'hijack' your own account, imho.
Thanks again, the software is great, keep up the good work!
delete an invitation? delete users?
Hello all, I am a new user and faced the same problems as Gustavo and others did.
What is essential to a project leader is to be able to 'remove clutter' as you said, from either projects, users, invites, etc.
If we confirm a deletion of something means that we are aware of what we are doing and are responsible for it :)

Anyway, I found even more weird issue today..
I have my account linked to my main admin email, then:
1. I've added a new test user to check out what it looks like from it's side.
2. Logged in as a test user and all is well, logged out.
3. Logged in again as main admin and added admin rights to the test user
4. Logged back again as a test user (now admin)
5. Dismissed the main admin account ;)
6. Couldn't log back as admin, error saying my account may have been dismissed? (see attached)

Not that this scenario will almost never happen in reality, because you trust your admins.
But how is it possible that someone else, even an admin, can remove the super admin from his own account? It shouldn't be, it's plain silly I think.

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