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Decimal point in currency
Thank you for the reply. I love Bitrix with all its cool features but unfortunately this single issue of decimal point stops us from using it. Accounting and Invoicing are going to be two of our major modules so the currency without decimal point is an important point for us.

Is there any plans to have this feature implemented?
Decimal point in currency

Thank you. I tried that but it doesn't work.

Please see the attached screenshot of the currency screen(bitrixcurrency.png).

However, when I create an invoice the currency format is not correct. Please see the screenshot bitrixinvoice.PNG. In that, the unit price still has decimals, line item total looks ok but again the total before tax, tax amount and total amount have no decimals but the amount printed are wrong. It just removed the decimal point added the part after the decimal point to the total amount such as 793,11200 (it should have been 793,112.00 if there were a decimal point)
Decimal point in currency
I just saw some old posts that says it is not possible to NOT to have a decimal point in currency. I'm wondering if this is fixed or if there a plan to be able to not have decimal point in currency. The currency that I use doesn't have decimal points.
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