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CRM: Email to Bitrix24 in CC or BCC, IS the feature still available?
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
[QUOTE]While waiting for the logic improvement, is there a way to "move" the "incoming email" to a specific Lead / Deals? [/QUOTE]It will already be connected to a definite lead, deal[/QUOTE]
What about if the client replys the mail but not on the original sent mail.  You see the incoming mail on the CRM but not connected to the lead/deal is there a way to connect it to the deal/lead?
CRM: Integration with Send&Save
That is really dissapointing.   e-mail managament is for me key element on a CRM system.  As a suggestion it should be an option for manually assign an e-mail to a deal, lead, or contact.  Not always our customer write to us from the message we send, and usually one contact manage several deals so it is really difficult for us not to have the possibility to assign every mail to its corresponding deal or lead.
CRM: Integration with Send&Save
[QUOTE]Evgeniya Boyko wrote:

You can find information about incoming mail here - [url][/url]

[/QUOTE]What I meant, is that I have configured the send & save feature. One client sent me an email about a deal but I was not a reply, so the crm did not processed it as part of the deal thead. How can I manually set it as part of the deal history?
CRM: Integration with Send&Save
How can i assign an incoming mail to an existing deal?
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