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Worktime Improvements, Making Worktime easier to use
Thanks Evgeniya,

A worktime export would be brilliant if the development team can do that.

Note: you can edit previous days/weeks/months worktime, but only if a time exists.  If no time was logged, then you can't add or edit the time for any day in the past.

Much appreciated.
Worktime Improvements, Making Worktime easier to use
G'day Guys, I love Bitrix, we've been using about 10% of it's capabilities in our small office for the past 6 months, and plan to start using a lot more soon.

I have a couple of quesitons/suggestions for Worktime, as I'm finding it a little hard to work with at times.

1. Can't edit worktime on days where no time exists.

ie I'm working out of the office for a couple of days. I don't use Bitrix at all in that time. When I'm back in the office I can't add my worktime into Bitrix.  You can only edit worktime on days where a time already exists, not on days where there is no recorded time.

2. Worktime - Export Data.

Presently the worktime data appears to be trapped in Bitrix, there's no way to get it out and into other software, ie our accouting/payroll software.  Therefore we have to painstakingly copy one by one, each item from each staff member from Bitrix to SAASU.

If I've missed a function or work around to do either of these things, my apologies.

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