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Email integration for multiple users, CRM/Settings/Send&Save Integration problems
Hi all,

We have two users, Karyn and Nigel.

We would like both users to be able to have email integrated into the CRM such that:
1) incoming emails attach to leads where they exist (easy enough to do)
2) they are not deleted from the server (again - easy)

The problem we currently face is that we are only able to set up Bitrix CRM to receive emails from one OR the other user, but not both.

Karyn set up the integration under her login and it worked for her (per the two rules above), and when I went in to set mine up her details were populated in the form (image below, redacted for security reasons).
I then updated those details to my email address, login etc, and it worked for me, but I unwittingly stopped Karyn's email integration from working.

In CRM/Settings/Send&Save Integrations it seems we are updating global, not individual user settings? Can someone please let me know what we should be doing differently?

Thanks and Happy New Year!
Automatic email follow ups, Automated email send if no response for 7 days?
Hi all - completely new to the syntax and structure of Bitrix workflow so I have a novice question or two. I'm happy to do the reading if someone can comply point me at the instructions, or if an online/demo video exists.

I have a mMedium level programming background so concepts of variables, variable scope and the like are not foreign to me, I'm simply a novice user of Bitrix.

My overall goal is to somewhat (and selectively) automate my customer follow ups such that if a scheduled call is more than 2 days overdue, an email is sent instead, and the phone call is deleted from activity stream of a lead or client.

The process flow I would like to initially implement is this:
When an email with subject of "Unable to contract you just now" is sent
1) Schedule a follow up phone call (for me) for 48 hours time
2) If that phone call is 24 hours overdue, send a follow up email and delete the phone call
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