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[QUOTE]Darryl Copeland wrote:
I would like to say that I am impressed by most of Bitrix24's features, but before I could consider upgrading to a higher level of service I would need a usable wiki.  Everything else is strong but the wiki is basically unusable as is.  At first I thought people were complaining about lack of fancy features, but I just wanted to create a simple basic wiki.  After trying to use it, I have to agree with the comments above that the wiki definitely needs work.  I have spent hours working with it and it does not retain all of the formatting shown in the preview once you hit publish.  Also the fact that it is very difficult to understand the logic of it makes it no good as a wiki.  I see the wiki is the glue that provides users with the flexibility to smooth over the few small cracks that a diverse set of users may encounter.  Any idea if the wiki has been given any consideration for a makeover in the foreseeable future?  Thanks.[/QUOTE]
I agree. We are trying to house some of our procedures in the Wiki so that they will be easy to find. However, I cannot edit as needed and wish there were a way to create multiple pages that would all display at once in a workgroup Wiki. The Wiki feature is not easy to use and lacks many features.
Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
As HR Director, we would also like to be able to download work reports, including ongoing and completed tasks that each individual is working on, whether they are the responsible party or participant on the tasks.

We would need daily times clocked in and out and total times worked as well as total time for each week reported.

Thank you,
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