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Must be external application some specialized registered?
Hi everyone

I have two apps, one external and the second one internal. The internal one is working good. But the external doesn't. Even these two apps are the same.

I found example to external application:
I changed the config.php file, concretely: CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, PATH. Thats all. When I run the index.php file, I run the application, but the application doesn't change anything. Concretely I have app for the adding a deal. When I registered this app I marked "Available as script only".

The second SAME application, which I run from the internal Bitrix, works perfectly.

Do you have any ideas, why the external same application doesn't work? It must be some specialized registered compared to internal?

Best regards,
Michal Kovar
How works Deployment?
How it works when comes new upgrade of Bitrix in selfhosted version? Must I rewrite all PHP codes? Or it upgrades only some templates so the PHP codes after upgrade will works well. How works deployment? Isn't better create an application from this perspective due to it's better working after upgrade?

THX a lot :)
Functions of application
Dear Yana thanks for your reply :)

But if I understand correctly it, I can make an app which will be simulate the business process? For example i can create some deal, than I can check some conditions and then update some company field. Am I right? :) Because the REST API give me acces to CRM elements, or Am I wrong?

Thanks a lot :)
How big is cloud backup in self-hosted version??, Cloud backup in selfhosted version
Thx and if the 50 gigabytes would not be enough is possible to buy next extra space?
Functions of application
1) Creating an application in marketplace (cloud version), I have available all API so when I using the php code in self-hosted version? Are there some limitations in cloud version by creating application from this view (with API)??
I mean, that in cloud I will be able to create the application with PHP code, so it gives me some functions as i would create in selfhosted version PHP code for example in business process?

2) How can i call the created application? It must be called only from the menu list (Applications) or can i create some button anywhere which runs the application or it can be runs in business process??
How big is cloud backup in self-hosted version??, Cloud backup in selfhosted version
How big is cloud backup in self-hosted version??
Change contact's fields from deal business process template, How to update some field of Contact if the new deal was created
I need to change value of field in Contact (sum of income of all deals for on contact), but if i make action (modify document) in business process in deals, i can modify only the document of Deals.

Is there a possibility to change the "Contact document"?? Or some tip to achieve this behavior?? Thx a lot :)
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