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integration with Sharepoint
Hello Yana.

I am currently using Bitrix online and I would like to synchronize some lists with Sharepoint. Could you please explain how to do it?

Best regards.
RSS or Atom for lists to synchronize a list with Excel, Add a way to synchronize an excel spreadsheet with Bitrix lists

I've been working with Bitrix for a while as a replacement of sharepoint. one feature that I miss a lot is having the possibility to connect/synchonize lists with Excel in order to analyze information, create reports, etc...

Best regards!!
State driven workflow - command is not available for workflows run on a list, If a state driven workflow process is run in a list, the command option is not available
I am currently working in a workflow to be automatically run inside of a list, some of the states need to have a command option to be run:

However, when I enter to the business process description on a list that is in this state, the commands created are not available:

I need the commands to be available for the list items, is there any other way to use the commands or am I missing something?

Best regards.
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