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Business processes field names
I'm really liking Bitrix24! I'm using the free cloud hosted version and I've been exploring the administrative workflows and I see it can add a lot of value to us. One thing confuses me though. When I'm in the BP template I add an email message action. When I click the three dots next to Message Text and click Document Fields I see the fields I've defined at the bottom of the list. When I double click one I get text inserted with the field name replaced with a bunch of random characters instead of the actual field name.


Something like the following is what I was expecting


Is there a way to specify the actual field name like what I want? My concern in not being able to do what I want is that in the future no one will know what the field refers to if it's represented as a bunch of random characters. I see the built-in BP templates have readable fields like what I want.
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