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External Hard Drive storage sync, Can you set your files to sync to an external hard drive instead of your computer?
Thanks :)
External Hard Drive storage sync, Can you set your files to sync to an external hard drive instead of your computer?
I've read that the syncing is not possible yet so I leave that issue be. But also I've read the hint here:
But it doesn't help.
Is there a way to manage my other cloud drives like Google Drive to work together with Bitrix24 cloud? Especialy disconnecting them?
E.g. I used the Activity Stream to upload a file from my Google Drive, I've authenticated the connection, but now I cannot disconnect. I was not asked to which account to connect. It just simply connected to my private google accound (to which I was connected at the time in my browser). I'd like to have some management over it.

Besides that, my collegues and I all use the google drive which I would like to connect for all of them to see and use. Is it possible? We could then use the google drive for a quick file's transfer, while the Bitrix drive would be used to gather documents and make a structuralized deposit. Each for their own purpose.

Please advise. Chris
Time tracking / Time Management difference?
Great! Thanks for this link, I missed this blog post. It's working great!
Cannot add external Google calendar, caldav server response is 204 no content
Hello, seeing how many times this issue is brought up I also would like to vote for the google calendar fix.

For many months now there has been a change of policy in google authorisation. The same problem came up in Thunderbird and was fixed by a plugin called google provider allowing to authenticate the connection. Google withdrawed completely from davcal and now only calendar export via html, ical and xml is possible.
It would be great if you could fix this issue asap. Mamy users would benefit from it.

Nevertheless, great job with your product. I'm amazed with the widenes of funcionalities you developed and shared for free (compared to every free manager I've tested). I hope your policy in this matter stays :) Many small companies couldn't afford to pay for the monthly service, especialy in less wealthy countries.
Time tracking / Time Management difference?
Congratulations on this great tool you develop and share with others.
I have a question regarding task timer. I cannot see this functionality in my free version. Is it restricted for pro version only?

It is kind of confusing, because in your pricing plan you put "Time tracking" in your free version. Does it regard the timer for certain task or just time scheduling? Seeing the elearning about this topic you call it Time Management and I can see this is a commercial function.

Please let me know if I can use the timer (meaning that I can start and stop counting the time spent on my tasks)

Best regards, Chris
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