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Add Email recipients to Activity Stream posts
Hi, all
I would like to ask a little question.
If I invited a person to participate of a discussion or like an observer of task, whatever it takes can I talk to this invited person using a Webrtc video call?
Thank you very muhc for your attention and time.

I already knew that this will not be possible.

But what if a lead or a contact that was not part of Bitrx24 could talk to a Bitrix user using a video call, this could be usefull?
Edited: Jose Muanes Pinto - 08/31/2017 21:32:11
Who is using Bitrix24 Cloud version?, Share info between us on best practice if we know who else is using Bitrix24 in our city or Country

Hi Antonio your name seems to me like an Italian, if yes I'm also a decedent, my family comes from San Fili and are Calomeni's I do not use it.

Hi Andrey Grebenkov, how are you? I already saw your website, very useful, thanks.

Ok about the limitation Antonio, I know almost them but could be nice and useful if they right it in some place, this could help partners to sell a paid version. I work selling and consulting Bitrix24 since 2016 march.

About the question and or the propose that you did, they could also give us another answer and they could help a little bit more being more clear and also more simple.

I'm 62 years old, and I have been working since 1975 at the marketing business.

So maybe this, Antonio, can be our answer - just look it  - "Bitrix24 Network is a global network space for all Bitrix24 users. Each Bitrix24 account user has own Bitrix24 Network
and can communicate with other Bitrix24 users outside own account in global Bitrix24 Network (due to configured privacy settings)." This is a post from Yana (thank you Yana for this too)  "Your Company Open Channel In Bitrix24 Network"

I found this today and I will do some tests with it, also I will think (and maybe I already know) how my clients can use this to help them in their business. Relationships is the secret? Talk to people that does same thing that you maybe can help,


Jose Pinto

Importing Google Calendars into Bitrix Calendars., I'm having a hard time importing Google Calendars into Bitrix Calendars.

Hi all
I do not know if here is the right place to this question, anyway let's go

I'm a Bitrix24 user and I also work with companies that need help to use configure implant and other services in Bitrx24.

I was in Sao Paulo (I'm Brazilian and these days I'm working here in Brazil) working with a Client that will by a Professional Version and in one moment of our training I saw a problem.

As is sayed that I can import more than one Calendar in Bitrx24, we was trying to import some Googles calendar and we see that we only could import 4 calendars, there is a limit in importing calendars in Bitrx24? In  Professional version?

Thank you very much in advance for your time and attetion

Jose Pinto
Integration Bitrix24 and Zapier
To user B24_11311471

I'm working with Bitrix24 has only 2 years - I'm learning it.
But I think that I can give you an idea and you see if is ok for you.

Bitrx24 can track emails and it also can do "some" analyses as I already see it can tell you who can be a Lead - but I saw this situation after I made a test with an email in CRM, and what I saw is that all emails that I sent (with the email that is inside CRM) and that I receive an answer it come back to CRM and when the answer is ok it is listed as Lead.

I think that you can use this option to do a test and see if works for you, about the Autoresponder - I do not know what you use, but maybe and I'm saying maybe (as I do not test it) the integration with MailChimp can automate all process, you can also test this option and see what happens.

You can also use the Zapier but IMHO is not necessary.

Maybe we can have more opinions - including from people that has more experience with Bitrix24 then me and we can learn.

But as I see reading the post here, I do not know if this will happens.

Thanks all for attention and time
Jose Pinto

Ps: Sorry for my English, I’m Brazilian.

Who is using Bitrix24 Cloud version?, Share info between us on best practice if we know who else is using Bitrix24 in our city or Country
Hi Yana and Antonio,
I'm from Brazil, as we allways see that Bitrix24 says to people start to use it because is free, I also think that your ideia Antonio is very important and also usefull to people that use the free version, since has 2 functions, first we can know what is possible and what isn't and second we can know when we will need to change the free version to a paid version.
Yana this is usefull to users but is also usefull to company.
I think that all companies and professionals that are starting in Bitrix24 free need to uderstand e know what is the limits of a free version because they exists, like number of records in CRM or number of Funnel that can be created (if there is any, of course, this is only a sample)
Anyway could be very good that we could change experiences here.
I hope that we can.
Does Bitrix24 have a backup/export ability?
Hi Yana,
As you said that both clouds version (free and paid plans) are backed up daily I and then you made an observation only about Standard and Professional plans I would like a little help, what can be donne whe is a free plan?
Thank you very much for your time and attention
Zendesk Integration, How to
Hi all,
My name is Jose Pinto and I'm a new Bitrix24 user, I'm in a learnning process at this moment.

I see that Zendesk can be conected using Zapier.
We have in Bitrix24 Zapier, so this mean that I can conect my Zendesk in Bitrix24 using Zapier?

Thank you very much for your attention and time
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