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Task assignment labeling consistancy, Label Consistancy for assingments like Creator, Responsible, Participants, Observers
When you create a task you can make the following assignments: Creator, Responsible, Participants, Observers

But when I go into my Tasks on my account all my tasks are sorted by: Ongoing, Assisting, Set by Me, following.

Wouldn't it make sense to make this labels the same so:
[*]Set by Me-->Created

Linking Company and Contact, Change responsible also linked

I've been looking all over for a post about this because his issue is bothersome to us also - it seems a simple fix would be to have the system pop-up a dialog box that says "would you like to change the responsible person for all the associated contacts too?" (or vise versa) and it would save a lot of problems making sure things are correctly associated the way they should be.
Helpdesk module
any update on this? I'm a Pro user ($200/month) and really desperately want this feature
Business process: How to repeat a task weekly or monthly
Any changes to this? I am also trying to figure out how to get a process to repeat every week based on the status of a lead.  What I'm doing is having this send reminder emails every week until we change their status.
Change CRM company ID #
When I look at a company in the CRM is shows "Company #2456" which I assume means it is the 2,456 company I've added to my account.  is there a way for me to change/modify or set the starting number of that for my account. because all my clients have account numbers that are assigned in a rolling fashion (etc. 100001 then 100002 then 100003) and I'd like those numbers to match the company number in the CRM.
Is it possible to migrate B24 to another B24, is migration between bitrix sites possible? Need instruction how to do it or guidance on migration practices.
Yana Prokopets wrote:

Your Bitrix24 portal can be migrated to your on-premise server and 'rolled out' into Bitrix24 Self-Hosted Version.
Does this mean that if we wanted to migration from the cloud option to the Self-Hosted version there is a setup that will allow us to make that migration?
Customizing information template, display fields in 2 columns.
Where can I find these Predesigned tools on the cloud version?
Custom fields for companies, Questions about binding
+1 on this feature request.
How can I assign Contact/Company to Department, without using only the Responsible Person field?, There is any way to assign CRM entry like this?
Any plans to add this feature. Our company works in teams so we don't assign clients/companies to just 1 individual, but to a team of 4-5 employees so that they can load balance the customer service.
Custom Calculated Fields, Ability to create a calculated field based on the entries of other fields
Is there a way to create a calculated field that changes based on the calculation of two other fields. e.g. field 1 + field 2 = field 3
Customizing information template, display fields in 2 columns.
Any plans to bring this to the Hosted version? it's odd to only have one column to work with - makes the display of data pretty hard and long to go through. Allowing two columns would bring a lot of real estate to the page and make it more efficient?
Custom Fields didnt save upon converting to Contacts
Any update on the mapping of Custom fields in Leads to custom fields in Company or Contacts?  We are wanting to use Bitrix Pro but this is a deal breaker for us.  seems like such a simple and straight forward thing.
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